Music: Plankton Wat – Faded Postcards

[Due to the vagaries of Bandcamp’s embed codes, I can’t get just the single track to show up all by its lonesome. So, click play above and “Subtle Afterthoughts,” by Expo 70, followed by the new Plankton Wat jam.]

Dewey Mahood‘s departure from Eternal Tapestry was a lamentable, but understandable decision. You play with a band as long as Dewey did with ET, and after a while, you start to wonder what’s possible outside the fold. And it’s a great time for him to do so considering the praise he soaked up following the release of his Thrill Jockey LP Spirits

Dewey has another TJ disc coming out very soon, but to get a small taste of what Plankton Wat sounds like these days, a good place to start is this new split LP being released next week on Debacle Records. The track we’re featuring today is a gorgeous splay of limbs being cooked ever so gently in the summer sun.


Reminder: Experimental Portland Presents… @ Mississippi Studios TONIGHT!

When I started this blog last June, I honestly didn’t expect the response I have received thus far to be so warm and enthusiastic. Nor did I expect that some eight months later I would be helping host an Experimental Portland Presents… show at one of the best venues in the city, Mississippi Studios.

Tonight is the first one of these monthly events and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the lineup. Here is who is playing with some sound clips to hopefully get you even more excited about it:




I sure hope to see some of you there tonight.


News: Experimental Portland Presents… + Mississippi Studios

In case you missed the announcement on Twitter today, a pretty thrilling bit of news just came to light today: starting next month, Experimental Portland will be collaborating on a monthly concert series with the good people at Mississippi Studios. Together, we’re going to curate some amazing bills featuring national and international acts as well as pulling from our amazing pool of local talent.

The first one of these shows are already set to happen on February 28th, with this incredible lineup — Blues Control, Plankton Wat, and Fang Moon

You can expect to hear more about each of these acts in the weeks to come here on the blog, but for right now, we’ll give you a taste of each one for your listening pleasure.

Before that, I’d like to emphasize how completely agog I am about all of this. When I started this little venture, I didn’t realize how starved this region was for news and music from the underground/experimental scene. And it has taken off in ways I could never have imagined. So, please accept my thanks for reading and supporting the blog, for supporting the shows that we’ve already done, and have/will have lined up for the future.

Music: Plankton Wat – When I Remember Her Name

I dedicate the posting of this track to the mood that I am in right now: slightly overwhelmed, entirely exhausted, and a little blissed out. In fact, I can think of no better soundtrack for this woozy tingly mindset than this new bit of “fried folk” from Dewey Mahood. I think all the shows with Eternal Tapestry, the collaborations with Matt McDowell, and all the other musical work Dewey’s been doing is starting to affect his solo efforts in the most amazing way. This new track is a prime example. His musical reference points are becoming more blurred, his melodic ideas are become more succinct, and his personality as a guitarist is starting to blare out even brighter. Ratchets up my anticipation for the next Plankton Wat full-length even more.

Music: Black Clothing, Anarchist Literature, Flags, Flag​-​Making Materials, Cell Phones, Address Books, & Hard Drives

I credit Brian Mumford aka Dragging An Ox Through Water for bring this to my attention. It’s a benefit compilation, released online via Musical Impressions, meant to gather funds to support the legal defense fund of two politically minded folks who were subpoenaed before grand juries, then jailed because they refused to speak up and give up names of other dissidents associated with the anarchist and Occupy movements.

Sadly, I can’t find the way to embed said compilation here in this page but I sincerely encourage to you click here and go drop a few dollars on a digital copy. It features tracks by many fantastic NW names including Plankton Wat, Gregg Skloff, Venable, Ohioan, and Dragging An Ox, among a bunch of others.

I leave you with a reprint of the information posted with the compilation on Bandcamp. I hope this will elucidate the matter at hand for you and further inspire you to support this cause.

Please share this comp widely & feel free to pay more than the minimum for the tracks you purchase. All proceeds go directly to the Committee Against Political Repression (, which was set up by the resisters and their friends prior to their incarceration. This compilation will be continuously developing, so If you’d like to donate a track to be added onto it, please visit 

Mostly, though, share! share! share! There are three people, accused of absolutely nothing, who are currently incarcerated & who could potentially remain that way for as long as 36 months. Raising the visibility of these proceedings could potentially mitigate the state’s coercive aggression against these resisters. 

some background: 
Political repression and intimidation are afoot in the Pacific Northwest. They appear to be aimed at stifling the effective recent organizing efforts (in the form of street actions, foreclosure defense, land struggles, etc) of anarchist and direct-action social movements. A series of raids on houses in Portland, Tacoma, Olympia, and Seattle have culminated in a number of extremely shady grand jury subpoenas in what appears to be a fishing expedition for information on political dissidents. The individuals subpoenaed have been organized from the get-go and are all adopting a principled-but-risky strategy of non-compliance. Three (UPDATE: TWO) witnesses subpoenaed for this Grand Jury are now in federal custody under civil contempt charges for remaining silent before the Grand Jury. They need whatever support we can offer them in the form of letters ( ), books, solidarity actions, & efforts to raise the visibility of their incarceration. Grand juries operate in complete secrecy, don’t screen jurors for bias, don’t respect normal evidence rules (rules that prohibit irrelevant, unreliable or unlawfully obtained evidence), have no judge present (prosecutor runs the proceedings), & don’t allow a subpoenaed witness to have a defense attorney in the room. This investigation has also been publicly condemned by scholars, writers, and artists including the likes of Noam Chomsky and David Graeber. 

more information on this 
more information on grand 
advice from the National Lawyers’ Guild on dealing with Grand Juries, FBI, & other Police Agents: 
other information & updates on solidarity actions