News: Hits Of Sunshine Documentary & Performance

If you looked at the lineup for the January 19th edition of Experimental Portland Presents… and thought, “You know what, I think I’ll wait until the February show,” well, I’d have to wonder if you were off your rocker. But then I would eventually calm down, and instead offer up this event for your viewing and listening pleasure.

As we reported here, Lisa Schonberg and Heather Treadway were invited to hang out in an artistic compound in Joshua Tree, California last year, with the intention of creating some new musics, art, and generally having their minds blown by the stark beauty of the landscape.

The two have, obviously, returned home to Portland and are now ready to present the work they did – named Hits of Sunshine – to their local fans. The event is happening on January 19th at 8pm at Disjecta. It is all ages, and will feature a live performance by Schonberg, Treadway, Allan Wilson, and Tara Jane O’Neil as well as a screening of the documentary made about their residency and the performances they did in Joshua Tree of the work.

I will now copy and paste the information from the Facebook event page below and leave it to you to decide what show you want to attend more.

Disjecta is excited to present the debut of Portland filmmaker Jodi Darby’s documentary Hits of Sunshine and a live performance by the Hits of Sunshine crew.

This fall, Portlanders Allan Wilson (chk!chk!chk!), Lisa Schonberg and Heather Treadway (Secret Drum Band/Explode into Colors) arrived at Joshua Tree, CA in two vehicles packed high with drums, fabric, amps and speakers. They spent a month at artist Andrea Zittel’s compound, A-Z West, and created new compositions of field recordings and percussion-focused music. Heather designed performance costumes, and video artist Julie Perini developed a program of video projections. Tara Jane Oneil added her magical sounds. All of their work drew directly from their desert surroundings.

They premiered their work in a series of site-specific performances at High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree in November 2012. The residency and performances were documented by Jodi Darby. Join us on the evening of January 19, 2013 for the premiere of Darby’s documentary film, and a live performance of the sound work, video, and fashion that Hits of Sunshine created in Joshua Tree.

ALL AGES// $8 admission // FREE for all supporters of our 2012 Kickstarter campaign


Video: ALTO! Live At Valentines

There I was patting myself on the back because I had captured a six minute snippet of what was a masterful performance by this new trio known as ALTO! when guitarist/percussionist Derek Monypeny sent me a link to a video…of the whole set. So much for the exclusive.

Don’t let my slightly bruised pride get in the way of this video. All 25 minutes of the band’s set are here for your edification. It is one long extended piece of shuddering percussion and well-appointed touches of guitar swirls. Nothing in this piece comes along how or when you would expect it. Which is the baseline for a great experimental performance in my thin book.