Music: Zac Nelson – Go Down There

Seattle tape label Further Records quietly released a half dozen new cassettes of not-so-quiet music this month, and we were pleased to find that one name tucked among the multi-colored artwork and synth bleats was local hero Zac Nelson. The musician and artist doesn’t reside in our fair city any longer, apparently preferring the loftier climes of Sacramento to our moist air. But rather than hold that against him, we revel in any new electrodrone missives he sends from down the mountaintop. This particular track opens up his new tape release—entitled Exis II— and doubles down on the tape hiss experience. One can only imagine how the dull throb of the bass response and the noises that could be a sample of raindrops or runout groove static will sound when the analog hum is doubled thanks to whatever half-assed tape player his fans are most likely using. In digital form, it’s already an 11 minute ride experienced after being roughly stuffed into the dank trunk of a car.