Video: Eternal Tapestry – Mountain Primrose

I’ve never done LSD before, but, not too long ago, I visited a website that offered up some visual illusion trickery that allowed me to apparently experience what it was like it to trip. I stared at something for a long time and when I looked away, everything was undulating in waves like a heat shimmer. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, my next best suggestion is to stare closely at the video that Brenna Murphy put together for Eternal Tapestry. You get a similar effect but with better visuals than my dull apartment walls. And some great music to boot.

“Mountain Primrose” can be found on Eternal Tapestry’s latest album Wild Strawberries, out now on Thrill Jockey.


Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #003


Okay, so it’s not technically a podcast. You can’t download it and take it with you wherever you go on your Pono. But, I’m tagging at such in here as it is a better shorthand for people who can’t cotton to the concept of an online streaming radio show. That said: the third installment of this weekly series is here for you to stream and enjoy. Tracklist is below with hyperlinks and all. Hope you like what I’ve thrown together here.

William Selman – Caldera Annex [from Urbanism & Ecology]

DeLyria – Untitled

Christopher Gavazza – In The Building

SunFalls – Elektris [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

The Translucent Spiders – A Dream of Kaleidoscopes & Tangerines [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Not Bitter – Apples [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Seth Nehil – Edge [from Bounds]

Eternal Tapestry – Pale-Green Sedge [from Wild Strawberries]

nullmina – Fektory Phobos

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler– Echo Sounder [from Slant of Light]

Jason Urick – Syndromes [from I Love You]

Hama – Torodi [ from Torodi]

Music: Plankton Wat – Faded Postcards

[Due to the vagaries of Bandcamp’s embed codes, I can’t get just the single track to show up all by its lonesome. So, click play above and “Subtle Afterthoughts,” by Expo 70, followed by the new Plankton Wat jam.]

Dewey Mahood‘s departure from Eternal Tapestry was a lamentable, but understandable decision. You play with a band as long as Dewey did with ET, and after a while, you start to wonder what’s possible outside the fold. And it’s a great time for him to do so considering the praise he soaked up following the release of his Thrill Jockey LP Spirits

Dewey has another TJ disc coming out very soon, but to get a small taste of what Plankton Wat sounds like these days, a good place to start is this new split LP being released next week on Debacle Records. The track we’re featuring today is a gorgeous splay of limbs being cooked ever so gently in the summer sun.

Video: Eternal Tapestry – Sand Into Rain

Eternal Tapestry guitarist Nick Bindeman’s trusty Gibson SG has only one small bit of adornment on it: a round Grateful Dead sticker strategically placed on the body. Ironic? Hardly. Nick and the band have a pure love for the Bay Area band, as much as they audibly love groups like Hawkwind, Neu!, and Sonic Youth. There are moments throughout ET’s history where you can hear this Deadheadedness slide into the mix. But on their latest album A World Out Of Time, there it is in full frame, and unapologetically so. Today, ET debuted the new video for the most Dead-y song of the bunch, the luscious “Sand Into Rain,” and we bring it to you now here, embedded without incident.

Video: Eternal Tapestry – Apocalypse Troll

You’ve likely already seen this video a few times by this point, but who are we to stand on ceremony? It’s on the Internet, it’s embeddable, and now it’s here in all its “Summer Breeze”-referencing and ’80s video game style glory. The track comes from Eternal Tapestry’s forthcoming A World Out Of Time LP, a disc that finds that band further embracing the stoner rock vibe that has always been bouncing around their addled brains. And as much as I love the space-psych shit the quintet has done in years past, I’m seriously loving this Crazy Horse/Hawkwind-vibe so much more.

Music: Eternal Tapestry – When Gravity Fails

Eternal Tapestry is quickly becoming the epicenter of this city’s experimental and art rock scene. Through the past two years, they’ve released three collections of material on their new home Thrill Jockey, and both Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood issued solo releases through that Chicago label as well. Add to it the dizzying number of live performances that either the full band or its individual members have been doing around the city, and it leaves writers/music geeks like myself scrambling around to try and keep up.

So, of course, there’s no real surprise in learning that the group knocked out another full-length – the soon-to-be-issued A World Out of Time – nor should it shock anyone to learn that it is a boiling stew of psych glory and sky scraping glory. This first track released to the public should give you a nice sense of what’s in store here with ET getting their Crazy Horse on, bookending it with a touch of samples and sound collage.

For Portland fans, the band will be rolling into the cozy confines of Plew’s Brews on October 27th for a live performance, as well as gracing the stage of Mississippi Studios on November 9th to take part in the Portland edition of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

News: Thrill Jockey Announces 20th Anniversary Shows

It must be a sign of my advanced age that when I received word that Thrill Jockey would be turning 20 this year, I thought that surely that couldn’t be right. Alas, the truth is that the Chicago-based imprint has been around since 1992 and during that time become one of the finest American indie labels around, willing to host everything from glitchy electronic weirdness to African highlife pop to tortured folk to transcendental black metal.

As any strong and solvent label should, the gang at Thrill Jockey are putting together a series of anniversary shows, highlighting their history and future. Instead of just relegating them to their hometown, the concerts will be going down around the U.S. (and probably beyond), including a November 9th showcase here in Portland at Mississippi Studios.

Now, to be honest, I’m a little envious that the folks in New York and Baltimore get to experience Tortoise and Matmos, but all that gets pushed aside when I remind myself of all the amazing stuff in store for the Portland show. Check it:

Trans Am
Eternal Tapestry
Barn Owl
Golden Retriever
Mike Scheidt
Jason Urick

Not bad for a night’s entertainment, eh?

The label will also have some posters for the event on sale (with 100% of the proceeds made going right back into the pocket of the folks who designed them), and (I’m hoping and praying) a special 20th anniversary limited-edition LP. The mind boggles, the mind reels, the bank balance likely gets much smaller.

Clear your calendar for November, folks. This show is going to leave you an empty shell for days afterward.