Music: Plankton Wat – Faded Postcards

[Due to the vagaries of Bandcamp’s embed codes, I can’t get just the single track to show up all by its lonesome. So, click play above and “Subtle Afterthoughts,” by Expo 70, followed by the new Plankton Wat jam.]

Dewey Mahood‘s departure from Eternal Tapestry was a lamentable, but understandable decision. You play with a band as long as Dewey did with ET, and after a while, you start to wonder what’s possible outside the fold. And it’s a great time for him to do so considering the praise he soaked up following the release of his Thrill Jockey LP Spirits

Dewey has another TJ disc coming out very soon, but to get a small taste of what Plankton Wat sounds like these days, a good place to start is this new split LP being released next week on Debacle Records. The track we’re featuring today is a gorgeous splay of limbs being cooked ever so gently in the summer sun.


Video: Edibles – Cruise Light

I tend to joke about the fact that whenever I see someone skateboarding, there’s usually a buddy of his/her nearby wielding a camcorder, trying to catch that perfect trick for posterity. I must now repent of my snarky humor by admitting that here is a case when someone is using skate footage for good reasons. In this case, the skater is one Dewey Mahood, of Eternal Tapestry/Plankton Wat infamy and he’s riding on behalf of his former band Edibles. This was a dubbed out/Can jam outfit featuring ladyshapes member John Rau that captured some hyperreal moments in our dimension before dissolving completely a couple of years back. This track was for an intended album that sounds like the group is considering finishing up and finally releasing. At least I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that eventuality.

Music: Plankton Wat – When I Remember Her Name

I dedicate the posting of this track to the mood that I am in right now: slightly overwhelmed, entirely exhausted, and a little blissed out. In fact, I can think of no better soundtrack for this woozy tingly mindset than this new bit of “fried folk” from Dewey Mahood. I think all the shows with Eternal Tapestry, the collaborations with Matt McDowell, and all the other musical work Dewey’s been doing is starting to affect his solo efforts in the most amazing way. This new track is a prime example. His musical reference points are becoming more blurred, his melodic ideas are become more succinct, and his personality as a guitarist is starting to blare out even brighter. Ratchets up my anticipation for the next Plankton Wat full-length even more.

Music: Eternal Tapestry – When Gravity Fails

Eternal Tapestry is quickly becoming the epicenter of this city’s experimental and art rock scene. Through the past two years, they’ve released three collections of material on their new home Thrill Jockey, and both Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood issued solo releases through that Chicago label as well. Add to it the dizzying number of live performances that either the full band or its individual members have been doing around the city, and it leaves writers/music geeks like myself scrambling around to try and keep up.

So, of course, there’s no real surprise in learning that the group knocked out another full-length – the soon-to-be-issued A World Out of Time – nor should it shock anyone to learn that it is a boiling stew of psych glory and sky scraping glory. This first track released to the public should give you a nice sense of what’s in store here with ET getting their Crazy Horse on, bookending it with a touch of samples and sound collage.

For Portland fans, the band will be rolling into the cozy confines of Plew’s Brews on October 27th for a live performance, as well as gracing the stage of Mississippi Studios on November 9th to take part in the Portland edition of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary celebrations.