News: Circuit Des Yeux Has Gear Stolen in Chicago

No, this didn’t happen to a Portland band nor did it happen within our city limits, but when a band that we respect, admire, and adore gets ripped off like this, the only right thing to do is send out a loud message in hopes that the folks reading this blog can help facilitate that gear’s return.

The band in question is the great Indiana-based band Circuit Des Yeux and its leader Haley Fohr had her stuff stolen late last week before her gig at The Burlington in Chicago. So, if you live in/around the Chicago area, and can help in some fashion, be on the lookout for this stuff:

1 custom built, 60 watts, JJ 6L6 tubes. Brown with Black trimming (Pictured).
1 10 watt Gibson practice amp
1 black Gibson acoustic guitar (very low action with white sticker of a star on the body)
1 tote bag containing:
1 sm 57
1 computer charger
Turtle shell color cateye glasses (her sense of vision in life)


If you happen to run across something – get in touch with either/both Clint @ De Stijl Records ( or Haley herself ( Thanks in advance for your help, and I thank you for your indulgence in reading this somewhat unusual post.