Music: David/Owen – LongYellowForm

I’ve talked up David Owen Tevlin on this site once before, discussing his fine work under the D$ guise. This month saw the release of another album by this unique artist, this time unfurled under the David/Owen banner. Ostensibly created to take up the two sides of a C-20 cassette release, the two tracks out under the name LongYellowForm are flat out beautiful utilizing long expressive drones and what I’m guessing are deeply lost guitar loops. Tevlin lists it under the tag “devotional,” which makes perfect sense as this would provide an ideal soundtrack to transcendental meditation sessions or some other kind of long night of the soul.


Music: D $ – Transformation

David Tevlin does as so many musicians and artists should: he follows wherever his internal muse takes him. Sometimes that is in the guise of David/Owen, a guitar loop-centric solo project that skirts the line of normality; other times it’s as part of Language, his trio that specializes in denatured electro-pop. I like him best when he’s doing weird shit under the name D $, releasing these strange little missives from deepest space via his SoundCloud page. Like this comet burst of sputtering muted trumpets and fusion tension filtered through a dyspeptic robot’s spleen.