Music: Boston Slevin – Northern Stargazer

You may remember Boston Slevin from the show review that he and I did of an Animal Collective show in September of this year, a piece that struck quite a chord with people. Or you might know him from the second Experimental Portland Presents… show where he played as 1/2 of the duo Ritual Galaxy. And if neither of those ring a mental bell, now is the time to get familiar with this young artist’s work. The teen musician just uploaded a brand new album of warped meanderings driven by guitar and affected vocals cut in with all sorts of ambient sound (the buzz of a TV broadcast, his sisters chattering in the background). Reminds me of some of the weirder moments from the Sebadoh/Sentridoh family of releases. This however is free of pretension and self-conscious lovelorn pop. Just short stringy bits of wonderful discomfort.