Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #010

At long last a new episode. No talking from me right now, just music. Until I get a new microphone, that’s the way it’s gonna be. Deal with it.

Don Haugen – Death Of The King

CATFISH – Addiction
CATFISH leader Joe Cunningham plays with Blue Cranes at Jimmy Mak’s on May 5th

Tim Berne’s Snakeoil – Semi-Self Detached
playing at Jimmy Mak’s on May 5th

Beauty School – A3
playing at Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum on May 5th

BEAST – Lock The Jaws
Daniel Menche plays at Turn Turn Turn on May 6th w/ John Haughm

Rich Halley 4 – Crossing The Passes
playing at The Waypost on May 4th

Ceramic Dog – Ritual Slaughter
Marc Ribot plays at Marylhurst University on May 8th

ant’lrd – Betrothed
playing at Beacon Sound on May 8th w/ Pulse Emitter and Opaline

S.H.E. – Over Version
plays at Lovecraft Bar on May 9th as part of Volt Divers

Tetrad Veil – L.W.R.


Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #008

Tod Dockstader – Piece #7 [from Eight Electronic Pieces]

Asher Fulero – Spacetime

THE YRS – Trax 07-08

Dmitry Mazurov – Mere [from Mimicry]

Seth Fox – 20141201 [from pilot wave]

Exit Signs – Week 34
performing at Townshend’s Tea on March 7th

Mike Gamble – Loomer
performing at The Waypost on March 8th

Noah Bernstein – Zara’s Theme [from Six]
performing at The Waypost on March 8th, and on March 5th at Revival Drum Shop

Halfbird – Categories
performing at The Liquor Store on March 8th

Tunneler – Night Flight

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #007

C – 217

Temple Maps – Live at Volt Divers

Electric Circus – Rise

xtal – opticks for isaac [from realpolitik]

Mark Fell – Sections 1 – 7 [from n-Dimensional Analysis]
performing at Yale Union on 2/27

Deja Reve – Brigata Undici [from Dreams Are What We Wake Up From]

Marcus Fischer – Shape To Shore [from Monocoastal]
performing on 2/28 as part of Untoward: A Benefit for the Creative Music Guild

Julian Lage & Nels Cline – Blues, Too [from ROOM]
Lage performs on 2/27 at Lewis & Clark’s Evans Auditorium as part of the PDX Jazz Festival

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #006

Look alive, people. We’ve got a new episode for you. A day later than usual but no less wonderful. Listen up and share with your friends and loved ones.

John Haughm – +37.717364 [from +37​.​717364 // -117​.​247955: The Last Place I Remember]

Telluris – Reptilia Experimenta
performing on 2/20 at Vagrant Eye Projection Museum

Vijay Iyer Trio – Countdown [from Break Stuff]
performing at Winningstad Theatre on 2/20

Gyan Riley Trio – Yubalation [from New York Sessions]
Gyan Riley and Timba Harris are performing on 2/21 at Performance Works NW

Marisa Anderson – The Golden Hour [from The Golden Hour]
performing on 2/21 at Turn Turn Turn

Prana Crafter – Dharma Dripping Lotus

Rumination – playn jazz music

Podcast: Experimental Portland #005

Another week brings another edition of Experimental Portland Radio. This one skews towards the modern classical for the last 40 minutes or so of the show, but there are a number of amazing concert happening this coming week that I needed to highlight. I hope you enjoy what I put together for you.

Opaline – Memory Drain [from Memory Drain]

Temple Maps – Reluctance Engine [from Moon Mountain]
performing at Volt Divers: Destroy Valentine’s With Noise on 2/14 at Lovecraft Bar

Terror Apart – Blinks Four Stones [from A New Reign]
performing at Volt Divers: Destroy Valentine’s With Noise on 2/14, and at Foggy Notion on 2/17

Point From Rooftops – Same Night [from Unreleased/Unheard PFR 2010-2014]

The Legendary Mark Peter Savage – Flood Channel [from I Was a Teenage Topographical Map]
performing at Emerging Music Salon #10 on 2/15 at The Waypost

dweomer – Gorseddau
performing at Volt Divers: Destroy Valentine’s With Noise on 2/14 at Lovecraft Bar

Joelle Leandre – No Comment 4 [from No Comment]
performing at Creative Music Guild‘s Confluence Series on 2/13 at Redeemer Lutheran Church

Dana Reason & Philip Gelb – Primal Identity [from Primal Identity]
performing at Creative Music Guild‘s Confluence Series on 2/13 at Redeemer Lutheran Church

Sawami Kiyoshi & Berlin PianoPercussion Ensemble – Makrokosmos IV: Gamma Draconis [from Crumb: The Complete Makrokosmos I-IV]
Makrokosmos IV will be performed at Portland Piano Company on 2/15

Ethel – String Cycle No. 1 (comp. Kenji Bunch) [from Heavy]
Bunch’s String Quartet #2 will be performed by Arnica Quartet on 2/15 at Mago Hunt Recital Hall, University of Portland

Nordic Voices – Verklärung [from Djånki Don]
performing on 2/17 at St. Philip Neri

Curtis Macomber/Maureen Gallagher/Susan Palma – Humble River Part 1 & 2 [from Interior Design]
this piece will be performed by Third Angle Ensemble on 2/12 + 13 at Studio2@Zoomtopia

Podcast: Experimental Portland #004

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/ExperimentalPortland/experimental-portland-radio-004/]

Back once again with an hour of new music for you and yours. Enjoy.

Grapefruit – Holographic Universe [from Some New-Age Bullshit]
Mazen Kerbaj & Franz Hautzinger – Sahel Al Bekaa
Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35 – In John We Trust [from their self-titled release]
Body/Head – Turn Me On [from their self-titled EP]
Daniel Menche – Part Three [from October’s Larynx]
Mammifer – Caelestis Partus [from Statu Nascendi]
Alvarius B – Billy’s Jeans [from Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On]
Portland Bike Ensemble – Polyp
Consumer. – Work Better [from Fucket]
Saturn Form Essence – 6EQUJ5 [from Structure 1-178-24]
xtal – Balloon [from Me So Thorny]
lexiphan – Perihelion [from Parallax]
B.S. Wright – Alien Residue [from Decorum]
Lemonthree – Cassidy [from Lemonthree]
High Priestess – Wheat or Ghash [from Animus XX]
Jon Mueller – Remembered [from The Whole EP]

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #003

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/ExperimentalPortland/experimental-portland-radio-003/]

Okay, so it’s not technically a podcast. You can’t download it and take it with you wherever you go on your Pono. But, I’m tagging at such in here as it is a better shorthand for people who can’t cotton to the concept of an online streaming radio show. That said: the third installment of this weekly series is here for you to stream and enjoy. Tracklist is below with hyperlinks and all. Hope you like what I’ve thrown together here.

William Selman – Caldera Annex [from Urbanism & Ecology]

DeLyria – Untitled

Christopher Gavazza – In The Building

SunFalls – Elektris [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

The Translucent Spiders – A Dream of Kaleidoscopes & Tangerines [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Not Bitter – Apples [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Seth Nehil – Edge [from Bounds]

Eternal Tapestry – Pale-Green Sedge [from Wild Strawberries]

nullmina – Fektory Phobos

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler– Echo Sounder [from Slant of Light]

Jason Urick – Syndromes [from I Love You]

Hama – Torodi [ from Torodi]

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #002

The latest installment of Experimental Portland Radio is here! Hope you enjoy what I’ve pulled together for you this week. Below is the tracklist along, hyperlinked for your pleasure.

Pulse Emitter – Cold Sun 3 [from Euphoria]
Matt Carlson – A Lock Against Oblivion [from All Moments]
MSHR – Generative Sky Eye
Odeya Nini – Tunnel [from Vougheauxyice (Voice)]
Tunnels – Magic Flowers [from The Blackout]
Henry Kaiser – Sun Ra, Stockhausen, And Feldman Walk Into a Bar on Saturn [from Requia and Other Improvisations for Guitar Solo]
Chefkirk – MEGV DUMP B5 [from MEGV DUMP]
Comet Talk – Re-Entry [from Circus 17C4]
Samantha Boshnack Quintet – Exploding Syndrome [from Exploding Syndrome]
Third Angle Ensemble – Verdana (comp. Narong Prangcharoen) [from Mantras]

Podcast: New Podcasts From Creative Music Guild and Apneic Void

While you patiently await the arrival of a new Experimental Portland Radio podcast, allow us to direct your attention to a couple of new podcasts from some of our local heroes.

Creative Music Guild has started up PDX Eye & Ear Control, a new podcast to help promote their ongoing concert series. The first episode, where they talk music with the gents behind The Crenshaw (who are playing tonight at Turn Turn Turn as part of CMG’s Outset Series) can be accessed by clicking here.

Daniel Schultz finally put into motion a new website for his label Apneic Void, and with it comes a podcast or as he calls it, a Voidcast, where he will be talking about creativity with various musicians, friends, and colleagues. The first edition went live today and features a coffee shop conversation with Netherfriends and Chipper Jones.

And the new edition of EXPDX Radio is set to go out into the world tomorrow. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #001

Yes, friends, we are venturing into the world of podcasting. Welcome the inaugural episode of Experimental Portland Radio into existence. For 45+ minutes, I play some songs and do a little bit of talking about them. Below, you’ll find the tracklist for this week’s episode with all the appropriate links in place for you to use to find the tracks featured on this week’s episode and to support the artists what made them. I sincerely hope you enjoy my efforts here.

Episode #001 Tracklist

Cloud City Cars – Cascade Crystal (from Electronic Musical Instruments on Lifelike Family)

GRAMMIES – Bulletball (from Great Sounding)

Bryan Smith – Escape (from The RE: Project)

ABSV – Frogs Under Trucks (from Aimless (No More) on Sonic Debris Multimedia)

ITALICS – 01 (from Magnetar Ω on Oligopolist) 

Studenets – Surface Tension (from Distress & Salvation on Oligopolist)

Taylor M. – and another (from Dimming on Oligopolist)

Jordan Norton – Araucaria (from Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7 on Tompkins Square)