Want to announce an event or a show, or share some music with readers of this blog? E-mail us at experimentalportland – at – gmail.com

All the music featured here is owned by the artists and is shared here through their goodwill. If any artist would like their music removed from the site, please contact me at the e-mail address above and I’ll take it down. And if you are a reader and like what you’re hearing, do the right thing and purchase some music from the artists.

This whole endeavor is written and conceived solely by myself, Robert Ham. I’m a freelance writer based in Portland whose work can be read in places such as The Daily, Spinner, Alternative Press, Willamette Week, Portland Monthly, The Oregonian, and self-titled magazine.

Follow the blog on Twitter at @experimentalpdx; follow me on Twitter at @bob_ham.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Has anyone made a WP plugin that is a Soundcloud feed? So that you could have a little player in the right hand column (or in the upper menu) that will play through all the posts… Would be nice Experimetnal Music Portland radio-style feed to listen to while working, etc.

    • Thanks! And I have something in place on the front page now. I’m going to try and add other tracks that I didn’t upload to it but for right now, you get five solid tracks from my SoundCloud world.

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