Music: Burke Jam – Chrysalis

Artist Burke Jam has spent a lot of time studying the sounds of the world around us, sussing out how the noises we willingly and unwillingly interact with affect our day-to-day lives and our minds/bodies. And he’s explored how people and the environment co-exist in these tenuous times.

It’s bold, heady work that has resulted in some incredible sound art as you’ll hear with this recently released digital collection Chrysalis. These compositions reside in the world of drone as mixed with field recordings that Jam has collected over the years. And the combination of the natural and unnatural sounds is almost dizzyingly wonderful.

There doesn’t feel like there are positive messages embedded in these tracks. Instead these works ask for your attention for a brief period, hoping that you’ll consider where these tones originated from and what his manipulation of them means. Your final answer almost completely depends on the kind of person you are, leaving them up to a vast array of interpretation.


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