Music: XFA – Feminist Architecture

Everybody and their goddamned grandmother are pissing their end of the year, best of lists into the wind this week. It can be a fun exercise, but it also completely neglects the music that will sneak under your radar or that gets dropped into the world during the last month of the year.

One such record that just snuck the fuck up on me is this new jawn by XFA, the new project by friend of the site, Boston Slevin. This devilish little collection – released digitally via Equilateral Records – sounds to these ears like an overloaded NES system trying to communicate something very important. The message gets completely garbled as the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.


Music: Temple Maps – “C.U.D.D.L.E.S.”

I know I’ve talked about Temple Maps very recently on the blog, but this post is more about the circumstances surrounding this release.

Our friends at Sonic Debris Multimedia are kicking off a new series of shows at Valentine’s tonight called DEC15MBER. Every Tuesday this month, they’ll be inviting a few bands to perform, and will also be selling short run cassettes featuring music by each of the acts. We’re talking very short run cassettes, like editions of 15.

Again it all goes down starting tonight at Valentine’s with performances by Temple Maps, ABSV, and American Merkin. All the best music to keep you good and heated on these cold winter nights.