Music: Christopher Gavazza – In The Building

My hope with this blog, as ever, was to send out a clarion call to experimental musicians throughout the city and draw them into our orbit somehow. I’ve certainly been lucky in that regard with bands and artists coming out of the proverbial darkness to drop a cassette or a Bandcamp link in my lap. That’s where a lot of these recent posts have been coming from. And that’s most certainly where I stumbled into the world of Christopher Gavazza’s music.

The local guitarist pointed me to his SoundCloud page, which is spilling over with amazing work. Some of it falls into the dream-like category of guitar instrumentalists like Vini Reilly and William Tyler, but the pieces that have spoken to me most are the ones that go into even more formless arenas. Such as this positively hypnotizing seven minute piece that sounds as if it is a small looped bit of amp hum and feedback being sent out and reverberating around the void without end. As it goes along, it starts to take form, a kind of rhythmic pulse that starts to relax the muscles in the spine. Like a great Buddha Machine loop, I could listen to this for hours, and today, I might just do that. Eventually, I’ll get back around to his other lovely, more composed work, but for now, send me into the unknown for a good long while.


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