Music: Alien Parkinsons Project – Water Mechanisms for the Sun…

Word around the campfire is that the expansive collective Sonic Debris Multimedia have another busy 2015 planned. Which should be exciting news to any of you folks out there who delight in the strange and esoteric sounds that they’ve vibrated our ear hairs with thus far. And to kick off this new year, they’ve graced us with a new album from Alien Parkinsons Project.

The 11 track album with the toothsome title Water Mechanisms For The Sun Goddess That Burns Your Karmatic Delusions finds the group again sending out tracks to various friends and fellow sonic travelers, and allowing those folks to do what they will with the source material. The resulting work varies as far and wide as you would hope for with Old Man Frost bleeding electronic fire over APP’s guitar freakout, Ras Mix exacting 8-bit dubplate damage, and Eaton Flowers joyously going all cut-and-paste guided only by a shuffling faded breakbeat. This is as shaggy and top-heavy and hard to handle as an album of this size should be.


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