Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #003

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/ExperimentalPortland/experimental-portland-radio-003/]

Okay, so it’s not technically a podcast. You can’t download it and take it with you wherever you go on your Pono. But, I’m tagging at such in here as it is a better shorthand for people who can’t cotton to the concept of an online streaming radio show. That said: the third installment of this weekly series is here for you to stream and enjoy. Tracklist is below with hyperlinks and all. Hope you like what I’ve thrown together here.

William Selman – Caldera Annex [from Urbanism & Ecology]

DeLyria – Untitled

Christopher Gavazza – In The Building

SunFalls – Elektris [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

The Translucent Spiders – A Dream of Kaleidoscopes & Tangerines [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Not Bitter – Apples [from SadoDaMascus Records 2015 Winter Copulation]

Seth Nehil – Edge [from Bounds]

Eternal Tapestry – Pale-Green Sedge [from Wild Strawberries]

nullmina – Fektory Phobos

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler– Echo Sounder [from Slant of Light]

Jason Urick – Syndromes [from I Love You]

Hama – Torodi [ from Torodi]


News: The Canary Series – Call For Scores/Proposals

UPDATE: In response to this post, Nora has extended the deadline to February 10th! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Nora Ryan at this past Sunday’s Experimental Portland Presents… show and talked a bit with her about her recent relocation to our fair city, and her work as a vocalist. She’s an incredible singer; versatile, thoughtful, and so wonderful to have vibrating through your skull on these cold winter days.

One of the things that Ryan is most excited about is collaborating with other musicians and artists, which is why she is accepting proposals for new works that she can perform and (I’m guessing) record at some point. She calls it “The Canary Series,” and she will be singing the material that she chooses during the monthly Muse:forward series that happens at The Waypost.

If you’re interested in proposing something to her – sadly the call for proposals ends at the end of this month – get in touch very soon. More information copy/pasted from her website below.

Miniatures: 1-3 minutes
for solo female voice
female voice+… most anything

1 piece/month to be given a workshop performance at Portland’s experimental open micMuse:forward.

Number of pieces and months: to be determined.

Invited to submit

Sound Artists
Electronic Musicians
Performance Artists
Creators of All Types and Stripes

Open to Portland Area locals.

Though not required, music can feature collaborative co-creation, improvisation, voice integrated with movement, and extended techniques.

Music featuring the mid-range of the vocal instrument D4-C5 will be met favorably. Full vocal range includes G3-E5 with improvisatory sounds available D3-Fsharp3 and F5-Bflat5.

Voice+ pieces can treat the voice as a soloist/featured instrument, as part of an ensemble (vocal ensemble, chamber ensemble, or chamber band configurations are all fair game), or as a background/textural instrument.

If writing for Voice+ the creator must have access to the additional performing forces required. For example, if submitting a piece for Voice + Accordion, the composer must either be the accordion player or have a friend/colleague cued up to be the accordion player. Basically, write for the forces you have access to. Write for your resources.

Traditional notation, graphical scores, text scores, aleatory elements, or musical arrangements are all open territory. No score? No worries. Proposals, in lieu of scores, that outline and contextualize your idea are perhaps even more applicable to this call. Just introduce yourself and your idea and your process. Give me a sense of what it would be like to come up with some music with you, or what you would want out of my instrument for your vision.

Weird is good, accessible is good too. Conceptual pop tunes, minimalism, folk influence, noise, drone, or ancient music renditions are especially beloved. But most anything else that you can think of is welcomed, really.

Getting in a room with some source materials, some players, and a map of some sort to riff on is what I love to do.

Click here to Submit
Feel free to be informal and creative…

What you will need to submit:

1.  link(s) to the PDF of your score and/or proposal via a file sharing service

2.  link(s) to examples of your existing work and/or portfolio

3.  link(s) to examples of the work of any additional performers for whom the piece is scored

4.  link(s) to any score-specific supporting materials you’d like to submit (audio, video, written doc, graphics, personal message, midi recordings, etc.)

You can submit more than one score / proposal.

The Canary Series is a self directed, low-key, mini residency devised and curated by me, Nora Ryan. Big thanks goes to Christopher Corbell of Muse:forward for hosting the series.

To hear/see examples of my work go to about.me/nora.e.ryan.

Click here for sounds that inspire me.

Click here for my bio and here for select works.

And feel free to contact me direct: thecanaryseries@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you. Questions welcomed

Event: Experimental Portland Presents… Samantha Boshnack Quintet & Get Smashing Love Power @ Turn Turn Turn 1/25/15

Getting the concert series up and running has been much easier than I expected, especially with the help of the folks at the Creative Music Guild. They get tons of requests from musicians around the world asking to play one of their well-regarded Outset Series concerts or to be part of their Confluence Series of shows. As they admit, they have to turn down at least 90% of the offers they receive. And that’s where I get to come in.

So far both of the shows I’ve booked in 2015 have been from artists that they were unable to help out, including the amazing jazz quintet from Seattle led by Samantha Boshnack. As you’ll hear from the album embedded above, this group can do it all: gentle balladry, swinging bop, and noisy blasts of chaos. I’m so excited that they agreed to play the next installment of our Experimental Portland Presents… concert series this Sunday January 25th at 8pm at Turn Turn Turn. 

I’m equally thrilled that the group Get Smashing Love Power were able to be a part of this as well. They are one of my favorite local jazz outfits featuring some of the best players we have in the city: Reed Wallsmith, Noah Bernstein, Andre St. James, and Tim DuRoche. I wish they had some recorded fare for me to share with you, but you’ll just have to trust me that their take on the post-bop sound is bracing and scintillating.

I really hope you can make it out to this show. It’s going to be a special one.

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #002

The latest installment of Experimental Portland Radio is here! Hope you enjoy what I’ve pulled together for you this week. Below is the tracklist along, hyperlinked for your pleasure.

Pulse Emitter – Cold Sun 3 [from Euphoria]
Matt Carlson – A Lock Against Oblivion [from All Moments]
MSHR – Generative Sky Eye
Odeya Nini – Tunnel [from Vougheauxyice (Voice)]
Tunnels – Magic Flowers [from The Blackout]
Henry Kaiser – Sun Ra, Stockhausen, And Feldman Walk Into a Bar on Saturn [from Requia and Other Improvisations for Guitar Solo]
Chefkirk – MEGV DUMP B5 [from MEGV DUMP]
Comet Talk – Re-Entry [from Circus 17C4]
Samantha Boshnack Quintet – Exploding Syndrome [from Exploding Syndrome]
Third Angle Ensemble – Verdana (comp. Narong Prangcharoen) [from Mantras]

Podcast: New Podcasts From Creative Music Guild and Apneic Void

While you patiently await the arrival of a new Experimental Portland Radio podcast, allow us to direct your attention to a couple of new podcasts from some of our local heroes.

Creative Music Guild has started up PDX Eye & Ear Control, a new podcast to help promote their ongoing concert series. The first episode, where they talk music with the gents behind The Crenshaw (who are playing tonight at Turn Turn Turn as part of CMG’s Outset Series) can be accessed by clicking here.

Daniel Schultz finally put into motion a new website for his label Apneic Void, and with it comes a podcast or as he calls it, a Voidcast, where he will be talking about creativity with various musicians, friends, and colleagues. The first edition went live today and features a coffee shop conversation with Netherfriends and Chipper Jones.

And the new edition of EXPDX Radio is set to go out into the world tomorrow. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Video: Gooo – Live Cassette Release Show Performance @ Habesha

It’s Tuesday morning…the three day weekend (for a lot of us) is gone and the cobwebs are still lingering. Let’s take a deep collective breath, hit play on this video, and blast that feeling out of our skulls. Recorded to an iPhone, we get an unedited half-hour with Gooo, the freakazoid drums/electronics duo that performs with a kind of ritualistic glee and disregard for their own personal safety. At this particular show, they were being especially excitable as they were there to celebrate the release of their cassette Globular ClusterfuckIf you’re not in a cubicle – or maybe if you are – I suggest cranking up the volume and throwing yourself around the room a bit while this plays. It can only enhance the experience.

Music: Okha – Insurrection

At the last EXPDX Presents… show, after No Parades had played a glorious set of lush, intricate ambience, a friend who just happened to venture down to Valentine’s to drink gin and tonics pulled me aside and (without knowing that I was the person responsible for booking the show) asked me, “Can you explain to me why that was any good?” I was so dumbfounded by his question that I couldn’t cobble together the words to explain properly. But listening to this new two-track collection by Okha, one of the city’s best noise artists, I think I’ve hit upon something.

The sounds of Okha and No Parades couldn’t be more different, but what they share to my ears is an immersive quality. They wrap you up completely in these blankets of sound until you can’t see or hear anything but what they are pumping out of their pedals and noisemakers. And I love that about them. While the rest of the music world tries passive-aggressively to get my attention, here are artists that lay it all out and, with No Parades, try to intoxicate me, and with Okha, dare me to stare into the abyss without blinking. That’s probably the same feeling this friend gets when listening to an emo band that he loves or some aggro bit of art rock. This is the only music that really, really gets me excited these days. And I’m lucky as all hell to live in a city where it’s being made on the regular.

Podcast: Experimental Portland Radio #001

Yes, friends, we are venturing into the world of podcasting. Welcome the inaugural episode of Experimental Portland Radio into existence. For 45+ minutes, I play some songs and do a little bit of talking about them. Below, you’ll find the tracklist for this week’s episode with all the appropriate links in place for you to use to find the tracks featured on this week’s episode and to support the artists what made them. I sincerely hope you enjoy my efforts here.

Episode #001 Tracklist

Cloud City Cars – Cascade Crystal (from Electronic Musical Instruments on Lifelike Family)

GRAMMIES – Bulletball (from Great Sounding)

Bryan Smith – Escape (from The RE: Project)

ABSV – Frogs Under Trucks (from Aimless (No More) on Sonic Debris Multimedia)

ITALICS – 01 (from Magnetar Ω on Oligopolist) 

Studenets – Surface Tension (from Distress & Salvation on Oligopolist)

Taylor M. – and another (from Dimming on Oligopolist)

Jordan Norton – Araucaria (from Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7 on Tompkins Square)

Music: Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35 – Thought Adjuster

As I talked about last week, Sonic Debris Multimedia want to make 2015 a big one for their label and all the bands that are part of their collective. And true to form, they are pouring out new material for our consumption, including this brand new live cassette from one of my favorite gangs of jazz misfits, Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35.

The recording has an interesting tone to it, as the band was paying tribute to a house that was home base for SDM. The label and studio were being forced to move out, which led to a small-ish party to send the residents out with a bang. Like most of the acts that played that night, SMU’s set was captured for posterity, and you can hear the group (augmented by trombonist Evan Spacht) reacting to the celebratory, yet frustrated feel of the night with some rapid fire drum patter, floating guitar lines, and some agonized horn honking. As a combo, the four players build and recede together in slowly developing waves that remind me of some of the best BYG Actuel material from the late ’60s. A truly triumphal moment for this band and one that will hopefully push them forward through 2015 as they ready their first vinyl release (all proceeds of the sale of this recording go toward that).

Music: Marcus Fischer – Cycles + Hum

A few years ago, musician and artist Marcus Fischer had a simple, but highly admirable goal: to do create something every day of the year. That could be anything from one of his beautifully rendered photographs to a short piece of music. Whatever it may be, he had to make something happen. And he kept it up for a full year and a little while after that, before the wind went out of his sails a bit in 2013 and he poured his energies into other endeavors.

With the new year, Fischer has decided to resurrect this project and the blog – Dust Breeding – that houses all of his efforts. The results are absolutely lovely and very inspiring, particularly his musical output, which includes this track: a short bit of guitar and OP-1, looped and processed via his Octatrack performance sampler. It’s delicate, pastoral stuff that perfectly suits the cold, drizzly air around us and the look of his ghostly photographs on the site.