Music: Evan Spacht – experiments in feedback and noise

I don’t know what has charmed me more: the matter-of-fact title of this little collection or the fact that its creator Evan Spacht goes by the name Grizzle-E on SoundCloud. I find both things rather adorable…even while I’m finding the music on here challenging and perfectly abrasive. The titles of the tracks set you up for what’s in store. As advertised, one track is simply drums, melodica, and trombone, with the “cables” being what sounds like open patch cables feedback when physically handled. My favorite track, though, is simply called “noise_ppooll,” and it’s a magnificent six-minute exploration of little snippets of feedback, hums, shortwave radio static, and deeply felt rumbles. Here’s hoping we’ll be privy to some more of Spacht’s experiments before the year is out.


Music: dweomer – sólin

Music doesn’t get much prettier than this. Apparently recorded using primarily the sounds of a Baldwin Overture organ, Jef Drawbaugh aimed at capturing the feeling of watching the sun move through the sky over Iceland. And boy did he ever succeed. The gentle pulse of the sunrise, the haze of midday, the calm of sunset…they are all here, brought to glowing life by his simple melodies and bits of electronic processing. Intentional or not, Drawbaugh has also created the perfect soundtrack for short, crisp fall days. I can’t wait to go kicking through the leaves on a nice long early afternoon walk with this thrumming through the ol’ earbuds.