News: St. Johns No.Fest 2014 Is Happening On Sept. 6th

For some reason, I’ve missed out on the fact that 11 days from now, the St. Johns No.Fest is going to be happening in my fair neighborhood. In case you’ve missed out on this or are unfamiliar, this all day event brings together music of all stripes, with an emphasis on experimental fare, to the little region of North Portland for live performances. This varies from a big stage in the heart of the main square to a tiny stage next to a pizza parlor to the various bars/coffee shops that line N Lombard. The lineup is a corker, chock full of friends of Experimental Portland: ALTO!, ABSV, Stochastic Mettle Union, Consumer., Party Killer, RLLRBLL, and much much more. I’m going to embed the schedule for the event below, or you can check out the full St. Johns No.Fest site here. I’ll hopefully see you there.




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