News: End of Regular Transmissions

As you may have already noticed, I have stopped posting on the regular here at Experimental Portland. Not for a lack of trying…just for a lack of spare time to really commit to the blog the way I wanted to. So, rather than beat myself up about not getting something new up every day, I’m going to put a halt to regular posts.

BUT I’m not shutting down the site completely. I’m going to maintain the Event Calendar as I do think there should be a place for experimental fans both in the city and those getting ready to visit Portland to find interesting events and shows to attend. You should still let me know about those events if I don’t have them on the calendar at experimentalportland – at- or via Twitter @experimentalpdx.

Thank you for visiting here regularly for the last two years to sample new material and read my blathering about music of all shapes and sizes. I’ll still be working hard to highlight your efforts in my local and national outlets. I can’t promise miracles, but what I can do, I will do.