Video: Spectral Net – Spectral Sequences Vol. I

Spectral Net is a new project featuring Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper from MSHR working alongside fellow video and sound artist Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig of Fly Pan Am/Lé Révélateur fame. They have just released (via video art label Undervolt and Co.) Spectral Sequences Vol. 1, which is a collection of four tracks of sticky synth tunes accompanied by eye-popping visuals that are beautiful and creepy in equal measure. From the looks of this trailer, this collaborative effort looks like a perfect melding of visual and aural ideas from each person involved, which has me wondering about the delineation of roles in a project like this. Is each individual leading the charge with a particular video or are they passing clips back and forth so everyone puts their fingerprints upon it in some way. Until I can actually interview the four about the process (something I am considering), I’m going to attempt to shut off my critical mind, get really close to my computer screen, and get real, real gone.


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