Music: technicolor yawn – Sores Material

I’ve talked up Jason Goodrich, the man behind technicolor yawn, earlier this year, but as with any prolific artist of his make and model, his work is worth circling back to and highlighting in whatever garish pastel color you choose. This past weekend, Goodrich released Sores Material via Bandcamp, a free EP of remixes that he has done for the Denver-based”trashtronika” artist Syphilis Sauna. The source recordings were, according to Goodrich, “born from the hatred of man and dark recording arts, built from questionable media content and 8 bit audio diarrhea splurts generated by tar smeared gear, hacked software and Jeskola Buzz , which culminates some very raw, jagged glitch scapes and scraping metal breaks, to form a cracked out hybrid of noise, ambient and IDM.” I can’t speak to the original tracks just yet (going to spend some time with them in a bit), but this jerry-rigged versions by Goodrich have the itchy tension of vintage Aphex and Autechre, shattered and frayed in all the right ways.


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