Music: Beast – Marrows and Arteries

Daniel Menche continues to be one of those artists that you figure at some point is going to let you down; that somewhere in the mass of recorded work that he has released over the years, you’re going to find a dud. No such luck, champ. I rep for absolutely everything the man has done. And for now, that means that all I want to listen to is his project Beast and the three collections of work that he has released under that name this month. Called Red Marrow, the trio of albums are hypnotic loops of electronic drums, sampled drums, and other percussive instruments, all processed and then splashed with a healthy coating of noise. Sometimes, as on the track featured here, that comes out as something approximating a dub record being played on a speaker that is going through a spin cycle. Menche’s instructions are simple: “Listen at high volume during intense exercise.” I damn well know what I’m taking to the gym with me tomorrow.


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