Music: Desert of Hiatus – Eros

The title of this new cassette release by Desert of Hiatus is as perfect as perfect can be. As the band says on the Bandcamp page for these new songs:

This album was originally inspired by Anne Carson’s literary criticism, Eros: the Bittersweet. However, after much deliberation on the topic that is Love, there yielded no conclusive data. It happened to me, the bastard Eros had actually shot me, the triangulation began and after a couple of tattoos and flutterings in my chest I felt responsible to worship what is glukupikron – sweet bitter. The contrapasso that is Love. As it aims to be both sweet and bitter simultaneously, living on the same plane.

You’ll hear that sweet bitter and those flutterings in these two long, sensuous tracks. As the music swells and rises, don’t be surprised if you can feel any hardness that may be surrounding your person peeling away layer by layer until you’re bathing in its softly lit glow.


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