Podcast: The Modern Ass Jazz Singers Podcast #2

I have a love/hate relationship with podcasts. I love the idea of a constantly refreshing stream of content, but I hate the idea of trying to fucking keep up with it all. But when I come across a good locally sourced one, I try to take some time with it, such as this fantastic mix from the Portland outfit known as the Modern Ass Jazz Singers. Listen for some fucked electro beats, wandering hip-hop, something that sounds like synthesized seagulls, and a lot of far gone noise and beauty.


Video: Scott Worley Live @ Control Voltage

Everyone’s favorite synth store in Portland, Control Voltage. has been hosting some pretty amazing events over the course of the year that they’ve been open. I do try to make as many as I can but had to miss what sounds like an incredible night of vintage modular synth jams. Lucky for me – and now for you – someone was good enough to capture a chunk of Scott Worley‘s set from this past Friday night and post it on YouTube. Watch it, get lost in the live visuals, and try and see if you don’t have the sensation of being lit on pills or smoke.

Music: Moongriffin & Bernstein Live @ Ash Street Saloon, 9.17.13

Thanks to all the folks who came out last night for another amazing show at the Ash Street Saloon. For those of you didn’t make it, here’s a taster of the scintillating performance by the duo of Moongriffin & Bernstein. The former played electronics and guitar; the latter, saxophone sent through a bank of effects pedals. The combination was at times ethereal, danceable, and emotion rich.

Music: Existence Habit – July 28, 2013

How about some love for our brethren to the west? Existence Habit lives and breathes in the fine little burg of Astoria, Oregon, a town with few distractions thus allowing artists like Gregg Skloff, Roger Hayes, and Derek Ecklund ample time to devote to these Jandek-like explorations of guitar snarls and wet electronics. All three are fine solo artists in their own right, but together, they are able to create something that threatens to eclipse their individual efforts, something that oozes out of these recordings in beautiful heaps and glowing gobs. If you like what you hear, prepare yourself to experience this live, when Existence Habit perform at Experimental Portland Presents… #19 on November 2nd at Ash Street Saloon.