Tonight in Experimental Portland – Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sanctuary Sundays @ Tube: Temple Maps + Reflective Surfaces + Ethernet @ Tube, 9pm

Coco Madrid has slapped together another incredible  conflagration of downtempo and ambient sounds for her series at Tube.  Tonight, she welcomes Reflective Surfaces (Cody Brant and Mike Erwin’s Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze-type synth + guitar delicacies), Temple Maps, and another sure-to-be amazing performance by Tim Gray’s project Ethernet, which is still in the sway of a second life-affirming 2013 release Virtual Reality

Experimental Half-Hour 3rd Anniversary Party @ Mississippi Studios, 9pm

The chintzy visuals and flowering sounds celebrated on the bi-weekly public access program Experimental Half Hour are being brought in person to the confines of Mississippi Studios tonight. Headlining is the synth/voice dreamwave duo Light House. They are joined by a one-off collaboration between Golden Retriever synth master Matt Carlson and Greek sound artist Ilan Manouach, and the broken calliope antics of Cloaks

Pete Swanson + Rafael F + Hot Victory @ Holocene, 9pm

Portland’s most internationally beloved prodigal son Pete Swanson makes another triumphal return home still under the heady sway of his debilitating techno exploration Punk Authority. That EP is as danceable as it is dirty, dirty, dirty. Show up on time for once in your life to marvel at the all drums/triggered synth/percussion activated Wonder Twins known collectively as Hot Victory. 


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