Video: Threads Live @ Disjecta

The best album I heard last year was Spirit of the Sun, a glowing bit of guitar and vocal treacle born from the heart of The Slaves, a duo comprised of Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper. It’s still a record that returns to my turntable on the regular. But as has been my m.o. for years, it has led me deeper down the wormhole into the work that Cooper and Kinzle have done outside their collaborative fold. That includes Cooper’s symbiotic art/music transformer MSHR, and Threads, a new project from Kinzle and bassist Aaron Davis. The sound of Threads feels like an expansion of the ghostly sounds Kinzle brought forth with The Slaves, but with a slightly more traditionalist bent. It brought to mind images of The Jesus & Mary Chain ca. Psychocandy and the buzzing frequencies of some of Sonic Boom’s post Spacemen 3 efforts. The above video captures Threads’ first ever performance, which happened this past weekend at Disjecta. If you like what you see/hear, be sure to come to the 9/17 edition of Experimental Portland Presents… at Ash St. Saloon, where the duo will be performing. 


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