Music: Plankton Wat – Faded Postcards

[Due to the vagaries of Bandcamp’s embed codes, I can’t get just the single track to show up all by its lonesome. So, click play above and “Subtle Afterthoughts,” by Expo 70, followed by the new Plankton Wat jam.]

Dewey Mahood‘s departure from Eternal Tapestry was a lamentable, but understandable decision. You play with a band as long as Dewey did with ET, and after a while, you start to wonder what’s possible outside the fold. And it’s a great time for him to do so considering the praise he soaked up following the release of his Thrill Jockey LP Spirits

Dewey has another TJ disc coming out very soon, but to get a small taste of what Plankton Wat sounds like these days, a good place to start is this new split LP being released next week on Debacle Records. The track we’re featuring today is a gorgeous splay of limbs being cooked ever so gently in the summer sun.


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