Music: White Gourd – Hermit La Lune (excerpt)


I have loved all the Experimental Portland Presents… shows that I’ve put on to date, but the one that offered me the most surprises was when White Gourd performed at Habesha a few months back. Her set was one of the most theatrical and expressive I’ve ever seen. Suzanne Stone stalked the room, clanging swords together and daring onlookers to blink. On stage, she read processed voice poetry and sang fluttering anthems to a tarot card (her chosen muse for this set escapes me right now). I was pleased then when I booked Million Brazilians at a recent show that she has combined forces with that group, and that she was selling a new White Gourd LP, of which this track is a small piece. The inspiration behind this recording is The Moon card, which Stone sings of (on this piece, anyway) over a sun-dappled run of piano notes. Her voice stands firm over the flickering melodies, a lunar salutation of unusual power.


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