Today in Experimental Portland – Saturday, August 3

Control Voltage One-Year Anniversary Show: Montgomery Word + Tough Fuzz + Floral + Studenets @ Control Voltage, 7pm

Without question the coolest music shop in Portland, Control Voltage is a playground for electronic music enthusiasts of all stripes. Where else in town can you make  hellish noises with a Theremin or a MiniMoog, buy a few transistors, and walk out so inspired you might rush home and make your next DIY Silver Apples of the Moon? They’ve been open for a full year, and are ready to celebrate. Joining them will be a quartet of local future beat artists who will provide the perfect backdrop for a party atmosphere.


Canoofle + Brian Kenny Fresno + Mr. Plow @ Hawthorne Theatre Lounge, 9pm

It’s always a treat when Canoofle resurfaces for a performance. Their concept is simple: they take song title suggestions from the audience and improvise songs on the spot with those ideas in mind. They tend to lean towards more standard song structures, but everything comes blazing out with a welcome, playful spirit.


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