Today in Experimental Portland – Tuesday, July 30

John Krausbauer + Mitchell Brown + Derek Monypeny @ Valentines, 9pm

Unless I’m thinking of someone else (and with my fevered brain, there’s a good chance I am), John Krausbauer is considering moving here to Portland after the rousing welcome he has received for his impromptu residency. This is just one of a handful of shows the fucked electronics artist has done in our fair city, and I encourage one and all to descend upon Valentines and further solidify his decision to relocate. Do get their early, though, so as not to miss an opening set by the ever-inspiring guitarist Derek Monypeny.


Antecessor + Regular Music + DJ Jason Urick @ Bunk Bar, 9pm

Tonight, the glistening, waxy sound of synthesizers will be filling the friendly confines of Bunk Bar. The duo known as Antecessor will be there to celebrate the release of Nova Trails, a new five song cassette of what they properly deem “droning brightness.” Pick up a copy and use it as an alternate soundtrack to the futuristic sci-fi epic film of your choice. They will be joined by fellow synth explorers Regular Music and DJ work by the now disturbingly clean shaven Jason Urick.


Phreak: Electronic Mutations @ Ash St. Saloon, 9pm

This ongoing series curated by SunFalls brings out some of the finest circuit benders, laptop gurus, and lovers of all manner of unnatural sound. This week features a set by Mr. Falls himself and performances by the freaked out house music artist Dr. Strangeknob, drum ‘n’ bass terror Trey-k-Fortyseven, and a new project from the Reactionary crew known as The Red Isis.


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