Today In Experimental Portland – Friday July 26th

[Insert standard apology for lack of posts with excuse of busy summer time obligations of work and child]

In an effort to keep regular content flowing on this site, I’m going to do a daily post highlighting shows that I think are worth your well-earned time and money.

Evan Caminiti + Vestals + Names + Golden Retriever @ Disjecta 8pm 

Caminiti, an erstwhile member of Barn Owl, brings his beautiful guitar/drone expressions to Portland for a rare solo appearance. His music will be accompanying a visual art piece from Cybele Lyle that, according to the website, is a “a video/spatial collage, bringing together photography, video and the architectural space of Disjecta to create a third space.” He’s joined by the ever brilliant bass clarinet/synth duo Golden Retriever and San Francisco-based experimentalists Names.

Deadlover + Five Lights @ Control Voltage 6-8pm

One of the city’s coolest stores, CV is hosting a pair of electronic acts as part of their Modular BBQ (bring your own food to grill). Both create dark, expansive material created, yes, using modular synthesizers.

Smoke Rings + Ethereal & The Queer Show @ Kenton Club 9pm

EATQS takes the enrapturing qualities of shoegazer pop and manages to make them their own, a rare feat in this era of straight up MBV copycat acts. They share the stage with the goth-leaning rockers Smoke Rings who celebrate the release of a new cassette tonight.



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