Music: Weirdcraft Youth Group, Cascade Data, and technicolor yawn

Local musician Jason Goodrich was kind enough to flood the timeline of the Experimental Portland Facebook page the other night, clueing me in to a number of projects that he is involved in. Maybe his intention wasn’t to have me put the spotlight on them here at the blog, but they were so good, I could hardly resist. Let’s start with the harshest of the bunch:

Goodrich took on the mastering of this terrifying release with a bunch of bands paying tribute (?) to some infamous serial killers. He rightfully called these tracks “homicidal soundscapes.” These industrialized splatters and chilling samples of voiceover from some fucked up TV programming tracking these sickos is not for late night listening. Makes “Frankie Teardrop” sound down right kittenish.

The collaboration between Goodrich and Steve Westbrook, known as Cascade Data, has its own darkness, smeared underneath the chassis of these otherwise gleaming heaps of glitchy EDM and broken breakbeats. This is the kind of stuff that would be fun to have on wax and to mix into a set of Autechre and Aphex Twin.

The two tracks that make up Goodrich’s solo effort – recorded under the name technicolor yawn – has, from the description on the Bandcamp page, a sexy origin story: “From remnant sound scraps, field recordings ,and hardware/software generated mystery .wav files spanning from 1999-2013, smeared and blended into two deep ambient tracks: an alien transmission of sci-fi techno horror sound tracks- inducing dark, head nodding sleep.” If they ever start including download codes with your prescription painkillers, let this be the EP that comes with your next refill of hydrocodone.


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