Video: E*Rock – Loud Room

Gnar Tapes is looking to have quite a summer. The imprint already blew our little camera obscura brains way open with the release of a full cassettes’ worth of Ukrainian noise projects, but now they turn around and start poking a stick into our particular portals with the release of a new set of jams by Jib Kidder and then this scary John Carpenter-inspired work by E*Rock. Of the new cassette The Great Underground Empire, *Rock says, it is “a conceptual synth album based off an early text adventure game developed in 1979 that I played as a kid on my family’s PC throughout the early ’80s.” The video speaks well to his mindset behind the new work, with ’80s video/computer game graphics and what looks to be a heat vision view of an old ambulance light melting into VHS oblivion. If someone isn’t gearing up to turn this into the soundtrack for the credit sequence of their next homemade slasher film, there’s no justice in this world.



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