Music: Portland Bike Ensemble – Live @ Noisy BBQ

I didn’t hear about this year’s Noisy BBQ until Saturday evening, the night before it was to happen, and the same night that I was in the middle of making sure the wheels didn’t fall off the International Noise Conference. Which is a damn shame, as handful of the acts that played the INC were booked to play the BBQ as well – and after their amazing showing on Saturday, I would have loved to see them perform again. Sadly (for me), I wore myself spare on Saturday night, helping haul gear and coordinate things and reminding all 15 of the performers that I adored them and what they do. So, Sunday, I was a shell of myself and couldn’t conceive of another long day of noise music.

Thank Christ, at least one band had the wherewithal to record their performance on Sunday. The Portland Bike Ensemble captured its nearly 17-minute set of two-wheel driven bluster and thrum and fart and sputter. And they graciously posted it online for free download, stream, and lower GI function discomfort.


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