Event: The 2013 International Noise Conference

If you’re a hardcore fan of experimental sounds, this weekend is going to be a hard one to navigate. You’ve got the Improvisation Summit of Portland going on tonight and tomorrow night, and the Quiet Music Festival happening on the same nights. And if that weren’t enough…I’ve got something going on tomorrow night as well.

The International Noise Conference is a tour/festival hybrid that the Miami-based group the Laundry Room Squelchers have been putting on since 2008. They set up a touring schedule, then reach out to friends and likeminded freaks in the cities they want to visit, and ask those folks to help book a festival type show of nothing but noise acts. The kicker is that no band is allowed to play for longer than 15 minutes.

Lucky me, I was the one that Rat of the Squelchers tapped to help put together the Portland date of the INC. Two days after sending out a Facebook and Twitter message and a couple of e-mails and I had a lineup completely set. A booking dream come true.

I’m now happy to announce the full lineup for the Portland-edition of the 2013 International Noise Conference, happening tomorrow night June 1st at Habesha (801 NE Broadway) starting at 8pm. 

Laundry Room Squelchers 1:40am
Redneck 1:25am
ConsumerMP. 12:35am
New Forest 11:45pm
Jatun + GeneticDMG 11:20pm
Black Daddy 10:55pm
Memoir 10:30pm
Romani 9:40pm
Mazurka 9:15pm
Fred Meyer 8:50pm
INC bleedingpalm

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