News: Union Pole Offers Up Its Entire Discography For CHEAP

Back in the heady days of the ’90s, a small label called Union Pole was one of the finest purveyors of weird and wonderful sounds. Just a few of the artists that they worked with: Jackie O Motherfucker, Blowhole, Irving Klaw Trio, Climax Golden Twins, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Prick Decay, and Trumans Water.

Well, the gent behind the label Jeff Fuccillo (who has been living in Tokyo for the past 13 years) has decided to unleash the entire Union Pole catalog in digital form for a mere pittance. For $1, you can secure yourself mp3s of all 76 of the label’s cassettes, its vinyl releases for $3, or an unreleased session between Fuccillo and the late John Fahey for, again, $1. Of course you can (and really should) pay more, but those are the baseline costs. As one of my favorite bloggers An Affordable Wardrobe puts it: penury is not an excuse.

Below you’ll find a track from the ’98 improv sessions between Fahey and Fuccillo in all its buzzing, plinking glory. For as much as I love to hear Fahey playing his American Primitive favorites, hearing him get freaky like this is always a treat.


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