News: Help Make the 2013 Improvisation Summit of Portland A Reality

Just last week, I urged my readers to help offer some financial support for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival. But as with almost every other style of music, the OEMF is not alone in need of some backers to help make their event a success. Here at home, we are incredibly lucky to have the Creative Music Guild curating amazing concerts both big and small, and at the end of this month, they will be leading the charge with their biggest event of the year: the 2013 Improvisation Summit of Portland.

The lineup for this thing is flat out ridiculous: William Hooker (from NYC) leading an ensemble of locals and playing solo, Why I Must Be Careful Big Band, 1939 Ensemble, Daniel Menche, HITS (Lisa & Heather from Explode into Colors), The John Gross Trio, Grammies, Gulls, Elfin Elephant (members of AU), Doug Theriault, Like a Villain, Golden Retriever, Battle Hymns and Gardens, Thollem McDonas. And that’s just the music portion. There’s going to be films, dancers, and more.

But like most things of this nature, they ain’t cheap to put on, so they are reaching out to fans and supporters to help fund part of this shindig. As they say on their Indiegogo campaign page, “The total budget for the festival is about $7000. We’re asking the community to come up with $2000 which will pay for the venue (on an incredible deal), the insurance coverage, fire department permit and printing costs. In return you’ll get an amazing two-day event as well as a bunch of great perks including tickets to other great events, beautiful letter-pressed posters, naming rights to our new gear and more.”

Here’s your chance to help make this incredible event happen. Go to the Indiegogo page and, if you are able, donate to the cause. My dream is that we push them well above the $2,000 goal, but I know that money is what money is for most people (read: purse strings are tied tight). So, do what you can if you can. And at the very least, buy a ticket to this crazy cool event.


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