News: Support the Olympia Experimental Music Fest

The Olympia Experimental Music Festival is about to hold its 19th installment this coming June, which in and of itself, should be reason for your support and patronage. But, hellfire, get a load of the lineup they have cooked up for the weekend long todo.

Friday, June 28th
6-6:40pm: Noisepoetnobody/Sistutl
7-7:40: The Giant Worm
8-8:40: JD Helwig
9-9:40: Tone Dogs
10-10:40: The WA Trio

Saturday, June 29th

4-4:40pm: Eagles are F’N’ Crazy
5-5:40: Soup Purse
6-6:40: Dead Air Fresheners
7-7:40: Aural Resucitation Unit
8-8:40: 10,000 Tigers
9-9:40: Tempered Steel
10:00-11:00: Thinking Plague

Sunday, June 30th

5-5:40pm: Big Tom The Lithuanian
6-6:40: Turtle
7-7:40: Wood Paneling
8-8:40: Derek M. Johnson
9-9:40: WAMU
10-10:40: Knot Pine Box

Here’s where you come in: the organizers of OEMF have set up a Kickstarter campaign to help pay the out-of-town artists coming to play, offset the costs of printing flyers and programs, and paying to rent the space they are using for the festival. None of the people putting this together are taking a cent of the money. Push them well over the goal and they’ll save the money to put on an even better event next year. You like experimental music? Do the right thing and crack open your wallets.



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