Music: Gregg Skloff, asphaltocean, SunFalls

SoundCloud was an embarrassment of riches this past weekend, as I was able to find a trio of incredible new tracks to share with you, my loyal reader(s). Let’s start with this ghostly number by Gregg Skloff, which was recorded about three years ago, but given a new layer of weirdness thanks to someone named DJ G-gnome. The remix retains the harsh beauty of the original but sends it out into space to bounce among the junk and satellites.

asphaltocean’s modular techno is the response from those satellites as they try to make sense what just smacked them in the solar panels. “bangstreths” is an overdriven monster that could soundtrack a Rollerball-like fight to the death on roller skates or, when accompanied by a strobe light, give that black leather and lycra dance party you had planned an extra dose of dangerous sex appeal.

SunFalls brings us home with some communications captured on the other side of a Skype conversation with an old dial-up modem. The squelches and pings have been given shape and life, with the addition of a drum beat that never quite seems to catch up with the rest of the song. I’m going to be yelling this out as my request when SunFalls plays the next Experimental Portland Presents… show at Habesha on May 14th.


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