News: Support Substrata Festival

The point of this blog, as its name tells you, is to focus on the Portland experimental community, but we do not live in a bubble. And considering how poorly things are going economically for everyone in the creative world, it would behoove us to look out for those around us as well. Hence this little call to arms:

The folks behind the amazing Substrata Festival in Seattle are looking for a little financial boost to help put together another event this year. Launched in 2011, the fest has brought a wealth of experimental and ambient sounds to the Emerald City, including last year’s appearance by Tim Hecker, Scanner, Loscil, and Daniel Menche. Organizers also set up lectures, discussions, and a field trip for budding musicians to listen and do field recordings.

The dates have already been set aside for version 1.3 – July 18 – 21 – and the fest needs that little bit of help to bring in a couple of international artists that will give the weekend a likely boost in ticket sales, and a little bit of prestige as well.

Like all campaigns of this kind (this one is being supported by Indiegogo), there’s benefits to donating like free mixes, signed vinyl, and other treats, but the biggest bonus is supporting an event that takes no corporate sponsorship and whose organizer draws no financial benefit from it. Click here or on any of the links above to toss a little money their way. Or don’t. I ain’t forcing anyone’s hand here.



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