Music: Ethan Rose – Transference

If you live here in Portland and are a fan of experimental sounds, you’ve likely bumped into the name Ethan Rose. He’s been a fixture of the local scene for years now, making sound sculpture and crafting albums like Oaks, which took the sounds of the massive pipe organ at Oaks Park Skating Rink and turned them into long waves of ambient sound. Whenever Rose mentions something he’s working on, I sit up and pay attention.

Rose recently sent an e-mail around talking about his latest project Half Open, a sound/video installation filmed and recorded at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie that will be screening at Chicago’s School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

As well, he’s bringing back Transference, a collaborative piece he created with Andy Palko that uses glass bowls, water, and friction to create a symphony of gorgeous receding sound. The sound clip posted above is just a small sample of the piece, and a unique expression of the installation. Because of the randomized aspects of it, the sounds change and evolve with every spin of the glass. If you want to see and hear this in person, it will be installed at the Museum of Contemporary Craft here in Portland from May 16th through September 21st.



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