Video: Edibles – Cruise Light

I tend to joke about the fact that whenever I see someone skateboarding, there’s usually a buddy of his/her nearby wielding a camcorder, trying to catch that perfect trick for posterity. I must now repent of my snarky humor by admitting that here is a case when someone is using skate footage for good reasons. In this case, the skater is one Dewey Mahood, of Eternal Tapestry/Plankton Wat infamy and he’s riding on behalf of his former band Edibles. This was a dubbed out/Can jam outfit featuring ladyshapes member John Rau that captured some hyperreal moments in our dimension before dissolving completely a couple of years back. This track was for an intended album that sounds like the group is considering finishing up and finally releasing. At least I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that eventuality.


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