Reminder: Experimental Portland Presents… #7 TONIGHT @ Record Room

In case you were unaware: Experimental Portland Presents… #7  is happening TONIGHT at Record Room with an amazing trio of sound artists performing for you. The cost to get in is a nice sliding scale of $3-5, but if you can’t afford that, talk to me at the door and we’ll work something out. As with all the shows I do where money is taken at the door all of it goes into the pockets of the artists. Not the venue, nor myself, are taking a dime for this.

Tonight’s show came together in, I think, one of the best ways possible. Rinus Van Alebeek, the Dutch sound artist who currently resides in Germany, got in touch with me via e-mail, looking for someone to help him get a show together in Portland while he was on the West Coast. I’m so lucky he reached out to me first and I was able to nab him and his incredible collages of found sounds, self-made noises, and cassette buzzing and howling for this event.

The seventh installment of this series not only features my first international artist but also, much to my shame and chagrin, the first time I will have a female artist on one of my bills. I know this might be a touchy issue for some, but there’s still this huge bias towards male artists in every genre, including experimental music. And I didn’t realize I was playing into that until I was booking the last two events. So, I made the call to people via Twitter and Facebook for suggestions of great female experimentalists that live here in town. One of those names was Brumes, an ambient artist whose work is filled with quiet storms of emotion.

Sun Hammer was someone I tried to book early on in this series as I was instantly shaken by the strength of his glitchy, low-end rattling compositions. But it hasn’t been until now that I’ve been able to lock him down for a performance. If the last performance I saw by him at Townsend’s Tea is any indication, this set will end up leaving a huge and inviting impression on your amygdala and send some nice jolts of warmth through your weary joints.



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