News: Reed Arts Week Begins This Wednesday

If you live in here in Portland, you know of Reed College, know someone who attends/attended the school, or at least have heard of the institution. Hopefully your knowledge of Reed extends to you making your way out to deep southeast to see a concert or performance there. The school has hosted some of the most mindblowing classical concerts and lured a wide swathe of rock, pop,  hip-hop, and experimental acts into its midst.

One of the most exciting events in their cultural calendar is Reed Arts Week, a student-curated celebration of visual art, music, dance, theater, and more. The 2013 installment of RAW is geared up to begin on March 6th, and the schedule is chockfull of concerts and installations that should thrill regular readers of this blog.

The biggest names on the docket belong to Grouper and John Wiese, artists that make music that is, respectively, lulling and jarring. The former is set to do a multi-media performance in the school chapel on Saturday the 9th, and the latter will be performing live in the chapel on the 6th as well as featuring an installation of his “battery instruments” throughout the event.

The other performance to pay close attention to is that of Oneirogen, a New York-based musician who is making his West Coast debut at RAW. He will be premiering some of the guitar and effects processed madness that will be featured on his upcoming album Kiasma. As well, one of our favorite local installation and sound artists Brenna Murphy will be on hand with a new multimedia project available for viewing through the week.




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