Video Premiere: Oxfist – Merde Merde Me

Will Watts’ work under the name Oxfist is decidedly rooted in the mutually beneficial worlds of downtempo electronic and hip-hop, but there’s something wonderfully denatured about his approach to it. The beats and melodies disintegrate as they move forward, but somehow never lose momentum. You could dance to this, but it would have to be some Audrey Horne-like shuffle while staring off into the middle distance.

Watts put together this video using his iPhone, stitching together pieces of footage from his commute between here and Gresham. It’s an often unforgiving drive that he has managed to find the beauty in. I’m quite pleased to say that Watts is letting us premiere the video here at Experimental Portland.



One thought on “Video Premiere: Oxfist – Merde Merde Me

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