Music: A Story Of Rats – Huldufolk (excerpt)

The name Garek Druss should, for most Portland metalheads, evoke sounds both mighty and vast, as is the view of his work in TECUMSEH and Atriarch. Dare I suggest though that Druss is going even further and farther out there with his solo project A Story Of Rats. The once-one man effort isn’t as fiendish feeling or as demonstrative as the aforementioned metal acts. ASOR has more of a primordial ooze kind of effect, the kind that you see bubbling out of the drain and ignore until it is too late and you’re covered in it. Druss is expanding the scope of this lava-like sound with the new addition of a live drummer into the mix, which sounds so vibrant put up against the long drones of his synth/electronics. This track features all that and more, and comes from Vastness & The Inverse, ASOR’s upcoming release on the magisterial Translingustic Other label. The vinyl release of said album is a short-run, so follow the previous link to preorder it, or – if you are so bold – wait until A Story Of Rats performs on March 27th at Mississippi Studios with King Dude and Of The Wand And The Moon.


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