Music: Mariela Rossi – Jealous Heart And Donut

Like most genres, experimental music tends to be a dude’s game. Take, for example, the 12 minute trailer for the big modular synth documentary that featured a grand total of two women, one of whom didn’t even get her voice heard. As excited as I am for the film, the omission was glaring. Rarer still are the experimental acts that are all female or just the sounds created by one woman.

I’m not smart enough to dig into the complicated reasons that this has happened, and continues to happen. All I can do is try to emphasize those women that are standing on their own and making a beautiful or ugly racket. I try to make sure there is a female-led act on the Experimental Portland Presents… shows that I book, and I made a call on social media a while back to dig up those female local experimentalists that I was unaware of.

One of the names that came up was Mariela Rossi, a German-born musician who lives here in the Rose City who makes some of the most blessedly uncompromising noises around. She just recently posted this piece to her SoundCloud page, a long grumble interrupted by meteorite-like flashes of melody that evolves into a prolonged squeal. Fingers crossed, I’m going to convince Ms. Rossi to bring her noisemakers to a future Experimental Portland Presents… show.


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