Music: ALTO! – Piece 5 (H.F.F.L.) — Al Mu’Tasim Remix

I hope some of you were lucky enough to catch ALTO!‘s incredible performance at the last Experimental Portland Presents… show. It was an experience unlike any other being able to see a band truly coming into their own in real time. I still thrum inside when I think about it.

Well, the trio is adding extra fuel to my fire with two great pieces of news:

1) They will be warming up the crowd at an incredible show happening at Star Theater on February 26th that also features Rangda and Earth on the bill. My head is already spinning in anticipation of that triple hit to the solar plexus.

2) They just released the first batch of remixes done by some friends and admirers of the song “Piece 5 (H.F.F.L.),” which came out on the group’s debut album last year. The folks in question did as all good remixers do and used the bits and pieces of the original for their own ends. In the case of this reconstruction by the mysterious Al Mu’Tasim, you can hear the skeleton of the ALTO! version poking through the dub skin stretched tightly over it all. You can cop the five tracks released so far here and, should you feel so inspired to make your own mix, ALTO! majordomo Derek Moneypeny insists that you follow the instructions on the Bandcamp page and DO IT!


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