Video: Dispiria – Oscilloscopic Dimensions

The 20 minute video collage nightmared up by Tim Lower Creative is by no means a nice little diversion. Layer upon layer of images are overlaid, with the mouths of terrifying sea creatures and bug-eating plants giving way to natural disasters, wars, and other unpleasantries of the world. But for all the creepiness and discomfort it instilled, I couldn’t bring myself to look away. For that I give a hunk of credit to the music of Dispiria that is soundtracking the clip.

Improvised by Tim Lower and Marios Kerpen, the duo’s music fulfills the promise of proto-industrial/goth wanderers like Throbbing Gristle and its various offshoots. Like the video, the two pile on drones, terrifying processed samples that are just audible enough to be effective, electronic noise that sounds like sunlight reflecting off chrome, and plenty of squiggles and squeaks to leave you feeling rubbery and tingly all over.


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