News: Two New Releases From Field Hymns

Hidden away in a post from last October was the news that Field Hymns, one of the city’s finest purveyors of cassette goodness, had two amazing releases ready to roll for the early part of 2013. The post in question was a celebration of new tunes from Regular Music, and makes mention of the fact that they will be sharing a cassette with The Cat’s Orchestra, an equally amazing synth and tones creation led by Nicholay Syrov, he of Dumpster Diving Lab and Nisha infamy. Here, for you, is a small sampling of Syrov’s cassette side, a airy bit of keyboard honks and winks.

Also on tap is a 40 minute cassette of new work by Nodolby, the erstwhile noise artist from Italy better known as Michele Scariot. Here, Scariot goes full on melodic, blinging and blooping all over the stereo field, sending deep vibrations into the stratosphere and far into the core of the planet. This new album would have sounded strange if it came out on Scariot’s uncompromisingly noisy Dokuro imprint but the playful tone and bright colors it sparks up fit in so well with the Field Hymns aesthetic.


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