Video: Ethereal and the Queer Show – Cosmotopia

It pleases me to no end that more artists are realizing that great music often deserves great visual representation. And considering how easy it is to put together a great video, it’s a wonder that more artists aren’t taking advantage of this.

Ethereal and the Queer Show are one of the few acts that have embraced the audio-visual connection working with Logan Owlbeemoth of Os Ovni on this fairly stunning piece of degenerated, knocked out video wonder. The clip was apparently made using Owlbeemoth’s custom made video synthesizers that allows him to bring in various images that look as if they’ve been saved on 15th generation VHS dubs. It really brings out the heady thrill of EATQS’s synth pop banger. You can almost feel the denatured colors and keyboard blasts surrounding you when you pop this up to fullscreen mode.

And if you cotton to what EATQS are doing on this fine track, don’t hesitate to get it for your very own by visiting Pour Le Coups Records’ Bandcamp page and ordering up a digital or cassette version of the duo’s Cosmotopia album.


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